Top 5 Construction Documentation Resolutions For 2024

December 28, 2024
As the worldwide construction industry continues to evolve and adopt technologies to improve project outcomes, stands as a beacon of innovation, streamlining and fortifying project documentation processes. Let 2024 mark the beginning of a new era in construction project documentation - one defined by precision, security, and efficiency with‍Take the leap forward and join in reshaping the future of construction project documentation!
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Capturing Every Step: The Power of Construction Progress Photos with Pixly

January 10, 2024
Capture construction progress like a pro, effortlessly. Pixly's construction photo app and platform simplifies capturing progress. Take sharp, time-stamped photos and videos, annotate them for clarity, and add markups, annotations, tags, and descriptions. The platform automatically updates, keeping everyone informed in the field and the office.
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The Vital Role of Visual Documentation in Electrical Contracting: Safeguarding Projects and Mitigating Risks

December 29, 2023
The importance of proper project photo and video documentation for electrical contractors cannot be overstated. It safeguards against disputes, mitigates risks associated with improper installations or warranty claims, and ultimately contributes to maintaining safety and quality standards. Embracing digital tools like Pixly facilitates this documentation's seamless creation and management, empowering contractors to focus on their expertise while ensuring a meticulous record of their invaluable work.
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The Most Common Types of Construction Disputes and How Pixly Photo Can Help Avoid Them

December 12, 2023
Pixly is a powerful tool that can be used to prevent and resolve construction disputes with instant automatic sharing of project photos and videos with teams powered by tags, annotations, markups, punch list tasks and dashboards. By taking the time to document your construction project correctly, you can save yourself time, money, pain and frustration in the long run.
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Revolutionizing Construction Projects: The Power of Pixly Photo and Video-Based Punch Lists

November 30, 2023
Integrating photo and video-based punch lists into construction projects represents a significant leap forward in efficiency, accountability, and communication. Construction teams can streamline operations, improve quality control, and enhance transparency throughout the project lifecycle by harnessing the power of visuals, precise timestamps, and location data. This innovative approach accelerates issue resolution and elevates the overall standard of construction project management, paving the way for smoother and more successful endeavors in the industry.
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Capturing Success: The Benefits of Project Photo and Video Documentation with Pixly

November 16, 2023
In the modern era of events, proper event project documentation is not just an option; it's a necessity. Pixly's innovative approach to event photo and video documentation offers many benefits, from real-time updates and enhanced collaboration to improved accountability, cost savings, and reduced risk of disputes when they arise. The platform's ease of use with a mobile and desktop platform, integration capabilities, and data analytics further cement its position as a valuable tool for event professionals. By choosing Pixly, you're not just capturing moments; you're capturing success.
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Transforming Home Remodeling with Pixly: A Guide to Streamlining Documentation

November 8, 2023
Pixly is a game-changing tool for residential home remodelers. Utilizing geospatial time, date, and location-tagged photos and videos, remodelers can provide a transparent and indisputable record of pre-existing conditions, progress, change orders, issues, and final project delivery. This documentation level enhances client communication and significantly reduces the risk of disputes or litigation. In an industry where clarity and transparency are essential, Pixly empowers remodelers to transform their projects and client relationships. Embracing technology like Pixly can set you apart as a remodeler committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.
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The Power of Visual Documentation: Capturing Every Stage of an Event

October 27, 2023
In the modern era of events, proper event project documentation is not just an option; it's a necessity. Pixly's innovative approach to event photo and video documentation offers many benefits, from real-time updates and enhanced collaboration to improved accountability, cost savings, and reduced risk of disputes when they arise. The platform's ease of use with a mobile and desktop platform, integration capabilities, and data analytics further cement its position as a valuable tool for event professionals. By choosing Pixly, you're not just capturing moments; you're capturing success.
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Accelerating Sales Efficiencies with Photo and Video Collaboration: Field Sales Teams and Estimators Unite

October 24, 2023
Pixly photo and video visual documentation and collaboration for field sales teams and estimators has become a pivotal tool for companies looking to stay competitive and responsive in today's business landscape. Pixly's instant and automatic photo and video sharing accelerates the estimation process, enhances precision, fosters customer engagement, improves sales team productivity, and leads to faster sales closures. As technology continues to advance, businesses that embrace visual collaboration are better positioned to thrive and deliver exceptional value to their clients.
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Mitigating Disputes with Pixly Geospatially Stamped Photos. Videos, Comments and Annotations

October 18, 2023
The article discusses how disputes in the construction industry can be costly and time-consuming, often arising from unclear documentation. It introduces, a project documentation and collaboration platform that leverages geospatial documentation to mitigate disputes.
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The Winning Shot: How Stadiums Benefit from Project Photo & Video Documentation & Collaboration

October 12, 2023
Project photos, videos, and visual assets have emerged as an indispensable tool in the construction and management of stadiums. These images offer many benefits, from tracking progress to promoting the stadium and ensuring compliance with regulations. The visual documentation enhances communication and decision-making and plays a pivotal role in preserving the stadium's history. As technology advances, we can expect project photos and video assets to become even more integral to the success of stadium projects, ensuring they stand as iconic structures for generations to come.
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"Harnessing Visual Documentation: Simplifying Retail Maintenance for Franchise Business Owners"

September 19, 2023
In the world of franchise businesses, where efficient operations and cost management are paramount, documenting the maintenance and repair of retail locations with photos and videos is a valuable practice. It streamlines warranty claims, ensures quality control, and aids in managing field teams effectively. Additionally, it creates a historical record that enables franchise owners to plan for the future and continually improve their maintenance and repair strategies. By harnessing the power of visual documentation, franchise business owners can save time and money and elevate the overall quality of their operations.
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August 8, 2023 is at the forefront of construction photo and video documentation collaboration technology. Start experiencing the benefits of today and see how it can transform your construction projects by saving time and reducing risk of disputes
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Ensuring the Future of Your Construction Projects: The Imperative of a Secure Cloud for Photo and Video Storage

July 8, 2023
The paradigm shift from personal devices and local storage to one secure cloud-based platform for construction project photos and videos is not merely a matter of convenience but an imperative step towards safeguarding valuable project records. Pixly is a trusted ally in this endeavor, providing a reliable, encrypted, and collaborative environment for documenting and preserving the visual history of construction projects. The future of construction documentation lies in the cloud - a secure, accessible, and collaborative space ensuring the resilience and longevity of project records.
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Facility Management Documentation Fundamentals: Capturing Maintenance, Repairs, and Warranty Claims with Photos and Videos

June 13, 2023
In the world of facility management, effective documentation is more than just good practice; it's essential. Whether you're responsible for an office building, a healthcare facility, a retail store, a golf course or an educational institution, the ability to document maintenance, repairs, and warranty claims through time, date and location stamped photos and videos is a fundamental skill that can save you time, money, and headaches. 
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How Digital Photos and Videos Help Improve Safety Workflows for Construction with Rob McKinney, The ConApp Guru

May 2, 2023
What if construction safety professionals saved a ton of time and improved safety documentation by submitting photos and videos with voice-to-text comments? Rob McKinney, The ConApp Guru discusses why "A picture is worth a thousand words.”
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Unlocking Facility Management Efficiency with Pixly on the FM Evolution Podcast

January 6, 2023
On this episode of FM Evolution, host Shawn Black sits down with Lee Mills, CEO & Co-founder of Pixly, a mobile application that allows users to collaborate on projects by making it easy to instantly capture, tag, and share project photos from anywhere.
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Pixly Wins the Veteran Fund's $100,000 Pitch Contest at the 2022 Military Influencer Conference

November 11, 2022
Pixly, a San Diego-based software startup focused on visual documentation and collaboration for construction, facilities, and real estate, won a prestigious $100k startup pitch contest hosted by The Veteran Fund at the 2022 Military Influencer Conference.
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Save Time and Money with Construction Project Progress Photos

September 7, 2022
Like many industries, construction is driven by cost and scheduling constraints. Companies are looking forward to technologies that help their teams produce more with less waste, reducing costs to their overall profit/loss margins. As the utilization of technology on the jobsite evolves, it is vital to understand how Pixly can be leveraged to reduce overhead and waste and increase workflow for project teams.
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Real-time Photo Collaboration for Construction

July 8, 2022
Construction projects are logistical works of art. With dozens of contractors, tradespeople, and suppliers on-site at any given time, it is not easy to coordinate labor, materials, and equipment to get the job done efficiently.
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Why Texting & Emailing Photos Fail

May 10, 2022
Our smartphones are in our hands, in our pockets, or at our sides all the time. Texting and emailing project photos is a habit for many construction and facility pros. This is time-consuming, hard to track, and can be chaotic when there are a lot of photos. If there is an important, urgent, or safety issue captured with a photo it needs to be shared securely, immediately, and trackable.
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Why You Need Construction Project Photos Top 10

March 8, 2022
Construction photos are important photographs documenting the entire project's progress, milestones, issues, observations, inspections, safety, deliveries, meetings, and various stages. They are essential for proving work, communication, collaboration, and reducing risk.
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5 Customer Challenges That Help Shape Pixly’s Photo Technology

January 16, 2022
Pixly is constantly developing and refining visual documentation solutions with photos, videos, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to transform the construction industry and beyond.
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Photos and Facility Maintenance Projects

January 6, 2022
Building and facility maintenance projects are a crucial aspect of ensuring that a building or structure remains in good working condition and is safe for those who use it. One essential tool that can aid in the planning and execution of these projects is photos. Here are some of the reasons why photos are so crucial for facility maintenance projects.
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Four Reasons why Photo Collaboration is Crucial in Construction

September 15, 2021
The construction industry has been driven by technological advances for the past half-century. The nexus of a current movement being adopted is photo collaboration, which has evolved from taking and printing out photos for documentation to storing, tagging, and sharing this content on the cloud across entire project teams including subcontractors and clientele. Pixly is currently at the forefront of this transformation.
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The Power of Photos in Construction

July 23, 2021
Utilizing construction photo collaboration tools such as Pixly on your project has limitless utilization possibilities. The value of having images stored and managed by date, location, and thorough data tagging is a powerful way of sharing the project progress and tracking what has occurred on your project.
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Pixly Get’s More UX Enhancements & Special Guest Appearance on The ConTech Crew PodCast

June 8, 2021
Our CEO had the opportunity to be a guest on the JB Knowledge ConTech Crew Podcast as guest #268. If you listen to this construction industry Podcast then you already know it’s considered one of the best. If you don’t listen to it yet, now is a great time to start.
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Construction Tech Influencer Article with Rob McKinney - The Construction App Guru

May 4, 2021
We had the honor of being included in an article by the Construction App Guru (ConAppGuru) Rob McKinney - Five Apps for Construction for May 2021. Rob is a recognized industry thought leader and influencer who provides insightful straight-up news and information around construction technology.
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Construction Project Photos Best Practices

April 6, 2021
Align your project teams on implementing best practices to get the most out of Pixly and help ensure your overall project success. Here is a list of easy-to-implement action items we recommend discussing internally to help visually outline your plan for utilizing Pixly from groundbreaking to topping out to completion.
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Seven Ways Pixly Can Help Your Job Site Photo Documentation

March 9, 2021
Being a professional builder for a General Contractor, specialty subcontractor, or yourself can be a very demanding and chaotic business. However, it can be made a lot more simple by deploying the right tools at the right time.
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The Birth Of A Construction Tech Startup During Trying Times and COVID

December 30, 2020
While that is all doom and gloom we are a naturally optimistic bunch at Pixly. 2020 has been agreat year for us in other ways. We took an idea for construction photo documentationcollaboration and brought it to life as a new company called Pixly.
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Remote Jobsite Inspections with Instant Real-Time Photo Collaboration

Video conferencing across various industries has adapted to remote environments that have been accelerated during the pandemic. Remote construction and facility inspections can be carried out by utilizing Pixly photo documentation…
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