Mitigating Disputes with Pixly Geospatially Stamped Photos. Videos, Comments and Annotations

November 7, 2023

Disputes in construction industries can be very costly, time-consuming, and detrimental to project progress. One common source of disputes is the lack of clear, verifiable documentation. 

However, modern technology has brought forth innovative solutions that significantly reduce the risk of disputes. Pixly (, an advanced project documentation and collaboration platform, is a prime example of how technology can mitigate disputes. Its geospatially (geo-stamped) tagged photos, videos, and comments pinned to maps with latitude and longitude, along with time and date stamps, are a powerful tool for mitigating disputes. In this article, we will explore how helps to reduce the risk of disputes by providing a visual and location-based photo and video platform.

The Power of Geospatial Documentation leverages the power of geospatial documentation to provide a comprehensive record of project activities, including time, date, precise location, and user information. Exact locations are pins on maps and latitude-longitude data. This data is essential for reducing the risk of disputes and provides several key benefits:

Enhanced Accuracy:

Geo-stamped photos and videos provide a level of accuracy that is hard to dispute. By attaching exact latitude and longitude coordinates to media, Pixly eliminates ambiguity and ensures that every piece of documentation is grounded in reality. This accuracy is crucial when verifying the timeline of events or assessing compliance with geographic constraints.

Time-Stamped Data:

Including time and date stamps on photos and videos adds an extra layer of reliability to the documentation. In the event of a dispute, these timestamps offer a precise chronological sequence of events, making it easier to establish causality and assign responsibility. This can be invaluable in legal proceedings or arbitration. Nothing is more potent in a dispute than time, date, location-stamped photo and video visual assets, annotations, and conversions. 

Location-Based Accountability:

Geo-stamping makes it easier to assign accountability and responsibility for specific actions or events. Superintendents, Project managers, and stakeholders can verify that work was completed in the correct location and within the expected timeframe. This reduces the potential for finger-pointing and disagreements over who is responsible for a particular aspect of a project.

Real-Time Updates:'s real-time updates ensure that all stakeholders have access to the most current project documentation. Everything can be viewed in an easy-to-view feed on mobile or desktop. Everything is shared automatically and instantly. Whether you are on-site or working remotely, the platform allows everyone to stay informed and contribute their observations or comments. This ensures that discrepancies are addressed promptly and mitigated before they escalate into disputes.

Geo-stamped Comments:

Beyond photos and videos, Pixly allows comments to be geospatially stamped on maps with latitude and longitude. This feature provides an additional layer of context to the documentation, as users can ask questions, leave notes, provide explanations and observations, and assign event tasks (punch list)  linked to specific locations. This can be particularly valuable in cases where more than visual evidence is needed to tell the whole story.

Practical Applications of's geospatial stamping capabilities have practical applications in various industries. The platform was initially designed for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) but has many more applications, including insurance claims, landscaping, Airbnb hosting, commercial real estate, moving, carpet cleaning, auto repair, auto detailing, and more.

Construction and Real Estate: Ensure that construction work is carried out according to plans and within property boundaries. Document the entire construction project from pre-existing conditions to progress, observations, issues, safety, delays, deliveries to turnover, and the whole lifespan of the building.

Environmental Monitoring: Document ecological changes, pollution incidents, or habitat restorations with precision.

Event Management: Keep track of logistics, security measures, and crowd control at large-scale events. Document before and after-event conditions with photos and videos for any damage or issues the event promoter is ultimately responsible for.

Supply Chain and Logistics: Monitor the movement and condition of goods throughout the supply chain. Document final delivery conditions

Infrastructure Development: Record the progress of infrastructure projects while adhering to zoning and land use regulations.

Conclusion is a game-changing platform that significantly reduces the risk of disputes in various industries through its geospatially tagged photos, videos, and comments pinned to maps with latitude and longitude. This approach not only ensures the accuracy and verifiability of documentation but also enhances accountability and transparency. By adopting, organizations can minimize the risk of costly disputes, streamline project management, and make well-informed decisions based on indisputable data. The platform exemplifies the importance of embracing modern technology to foster cooperation and reduce the potential for conflicts and disagreements in the business world.