Why Pixly

  • Pixly is the fastest way to snap, tag and share project photos with your team and stakeholders instantly and automatically.
  • Time is increasingly valuable and the biggest cost for any project. Pixly saves users 1+ hours a day.
  • Capturing and alerting teams to safety issues in real-time can save lives.
  • There is a LOT of costly litigation in construction. Protect yourself with photos that tell the true story of your project and cover your butt.
  • Never lose valuable project photos on personal phones, after subcontractors leave the job site or because you ran out of storage. Pixly is your single source of truth with unlimited storge.
  • Capture more than pixels. Get valuable data and powerful analytics that can be used to help improve projects, compare projects and teams.
At the moment Pixly is only available on Apple.
Stay tuned for Android in mid 2021
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