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What is Pixly? 
Pixly is the photo documentation and collaboration app for business with a focus on Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Construction Inspections, Facility Management (FM), Home improvement, Commercial Real Estate, Landscaping, Manufacturing and more.  While that seems like a broad focus for many industry's Pixly makes it easy to snap, tag and share photos for anyone. Outside of the business world we have consumers using Pixly for their own personal projects from baby photos to motorcycle restorations.

Why Pixly? 
Pixly is the easiest, fastest and best way to document jobs, projects, inspections and work for anything from general progress and observations to serious matters like issues, conflicts, delays and safety. Many general contractors and construction professionals use Pixly to document pre-conditions and issues to avoid disputes and litigation. Others use Pixly every day for progress throughout the lifecycle of the project. Safety never takes a holiday and Pixly is awesome for capturing safety issues in order to identify them, address them, fix them, record them and to use them as teachable moments so they never happen again.

Save Time
Save 1+ hours a day documenting your projects vs. hours and antiquated workflows. No more wasting time looking for photos to win a dispute. No more searching through endless servers, folders and files and photo after photo to find the one that you need in court to battle costly litigation. No more lost photos, running out of storage or having photos in multiple apps and platforms where they are hard to find when you need them most. Pixly has unlimited photo storage in a secure cloud accessible anytime and anywhere. Store all your photos in Pixly and use our powerful search to find photos quickly by workspace, project, album, person, tag and more. Construction has a prolific problem with litigation and 30% of projects end in disputes. The party with the best documentation is the one that wins. Don't risk it. Document everything with Pixly project photos and CYA!

Stop texting and emailing photos
Stop the chaos of texting and emailing photos that are hard to track and easily lost. Your work photos should not be mixed with your family photos of your kids, dogs, cats or dirt bikes. No more uploading photos to a server, organizing in folders, downloading to a computer, marking up with powerpoint and then emailing when you can do it all and share instantly with Pixly.

How does Pixly work? 
Users open up the app which goes straight to the camera. From there it is "click click boom " time to snap photos. Photos are instantly and automatically shared in a real feed that everyone on your team (and your team only) can view from anywhere in the world. Owners, architects and various stake holders don't have to visit job site every day anymore. You don't have to travel to review one issue on the job site. View photos, issues, tags and punch from your phone or on your desktop at the office. Everything synchs automatically.

What to document? 
-Pre-existing conditions before you even start building
-Daily project progress
-Important observations
-Key project milestones
-Owner - Architect - Contractor (OAC) meetings,
-Punch list - tasks

What are Pixly Tags? 
Pixly's patented tagging feature empowers you to tap on any photo and add a tag. A tag can be anything you want. It could be anything listed above to concrete, electrical, drywall, paint, you can even have tags for specific sub contractors to identify issues, tasks, or anything you want to track and measure. Tags can be customized by project or project type and are exportable along with photos and any comments in rich pdf reports. Tags become valuable big data that power project analytics. Tags can be used as punch list task assignments where you can track pending and completed tasks.

Pixly Tasks aka Punch List
With Pixly you can snap a photo of anything you want to document, fix or resolve. Then you tap on the photo to add a tag and assign it to someone on your team as a task. On the app or desktop you can see pending and completed tasks so you have more visibility and accountability for what needs to get done

Win disputes & litigation
Construction has a prolific problem with litigation and 30% of projects end in disputes. The party with the best documentation is the one that wins. Don't risk it. Document everything with Pixly project photos and CYA!

What we are building?
We are combining the latest computer vision and machine learning technology with the familiar usability of social media and photo organization tools to provide an app that requires little to no training and huge value whether your a small business carpenter, home remodeler, small architecture firm or a top ENR 400 General Contractor. Pixly is familiar out of the box and your team will love it. We're adding 360 capture powered by iPhone Lidar cameras, video capture, synch to maps and blueprints and Artificial Intelligence and machine learning so we can automaticaly detect what is in your photos.

Start saving valuable hours every day, protect yourself from disputes and litigation. Start using Pixly!
At the moment Pixly is only available on Apple iPhones and iPads.
Please stay tuned for Android 2023
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