Save Hours a Day Collaborating on Project Photos With The Power of Tags, Data and AI

  • Spend less time trying to manage and share project photos
  • Share photos automatically and instantly across devices
  • Improve productivity, collaboration and SAFETY
  • Create smart annotations with comments, tasks and attachments
  • Easily search, filter and sort photos by project, team member, task status, annotations and more
  • Never run out of storage
  • Reduce unnecessary travel and rework
  • Photos stored in a secure cloud and accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Protect yourself from costly litigation and reduce risk with easy to find and photos and better visual documentation

Start Saving Valuable Time — no credit card required

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Start Saving Valuable Time — no credit card required

Learn More
Pixly is the photo documentation and collaboration app for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Facility Management (FM), Real Estate, Landscaping, Manufacturing industries and more. 

We make it fast and simple to document anything and everything on your projects with photos. Document pre-existing conditions, project progress, inspections, Owner - Architect - Contractor (OAC) meetings, key milestones, safety, turnover and more.

Use Pixly tags to identify issues, tasks, or anything you want to track and measure. Tags can be customized by project or project type and are exportable along with photos and any comments in rich pdf reports. Tags become big data that power project analytics.

Simply snap, tag, share and collaborate on your project photos in real-time with just a tap. Your photos are instantly and automatically shared in a feed where teams can view, tag and collaborate from anywhere at any time. Save time and carbon emissions reducing unnecessary travel to job sites when one person can be on site capturing the photos the team needs to access. 

Stop the chaos of texting and emailing photos that are hard to track and easily lost. No more uploading photos to a server, downloading to a computer, marking up with powerpoint and then emailing when you can do it all and share instantly in Pixly.

No more lost photos, running out of storage or having photos in multiple apps and platforms where they are hard to find when you need them most. Pixly has unlimited photo storage in a secure cloud accessible anytime and anywhere. Store all your photos in Pixly and use our powerful search to find photos quickly by workspace, project, album, person, tag and more.

Working remote where there is no wifi or cell signal? No problem. Pixly offline mode has you covered. Snap, tag and comment away. Everything will synch automatically when you get back to a signal or wifi.

We are combining the latest computer vision and machine learning technology with the familiar usability of social media and photo organization tools to provide an app that requires little to no training and huge value whether your a small business carpenter, home remodeler, small architecture firm or a top ENR 400 General Contractor. Pixly is familiar out of the box and your team will love it. Start saving valuable hours every day and start using Pixly!
At the moment Pixly is only available on Apple iPhones and iPads.
Stay tuned for Android fall 2021
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