The Project Photo and Video App Every Contractor & Field Pro Needs

Snap, Tag, Share Project Photos & Videos Instantly
With Tags, Comments, Tasks, Markups & PDF Reports

Snap, Tag, Share, and Collaborate on photos in real-time to document pre-existing conditions, tasks (punch list) RFI’s, issues, observations, safety and more!
Pixly makes it easy to:
  • Save time (1+ hours a day)
  • Improve productivity and collaboration
  • Streamline communication
  • Reduce rework
  • Lower risk
  • Keep all photos in one secure cloud
  • Protect yourself from costly litigation
  • Build faster and better

Start saving 1 to 5+ hours a day

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Save 1 to 5+ hours a day on your project photos with Pixly, the photo app for architects, contractors, facility managers, landscapers and field professionals. Simply open Pixly app and start snapping photos. All photos are instantly and automatically shared in project feeds. Everything is time, date and location stamped, stored in a secure cloud where they are accessible anytime from anywhere.

Use Pixly tag's to identify and track anything you want to document. Add comments, assign and track tasks with dashboards. Use Pixly photos to document project pre existing conditions, progress, observations, issues, delays, inspections, SAFETY, milestones, turnover all the way to facility maintenance. Pixly tags are customizable and become valuable project data. Pixly tags can also be used as punch list with photos of the issue resolved and closed.
Pixly makes it easy to:

Built by AEC and FM professionals for AEC and FM professionals. See how every stakeholder benefits from Pixly.

Get a clear view into projects with the visibility that only photos can provide and streamline communication with everyone on your project from pre-existing conditions to completion and facility management.
Save valuable time on project photo surveys, remote job site inspections, improve collaboration with building owners, general contractors and document everything in one place with powerful project photos.

Save hours documenting daily construction project progress, issues, safety and milestones. Streamline communications, improve project efficiencies and protect yourself from costly litigation.

Connect with teams in real-time from the field to office. Ensure only the highest quality work is always delivered on time. Capture delays to get them resolved faster. Capture completed projects for documentation and marketing.

Manage facilities and teams with a powerful photo first tool that makes is easy to collaborate on inspections, repairs, projects and maintenance with photos that are instantly shared.

Stop Photo Text and Email Chaos. Document and collaborate with Pixly.

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At the moment Pixly is only available on Apple iPhones and iPads.
Please stay tuned for Android 2023