Construction Tech Influencer Article with Rob McKinney - The Construction App Guru

June 29, 2021

We had the honor of being included in an article by the Construction App Guru (ConAppGuru) Rob McKinney - Five Apps for Construction for May 2021. Rob is a recognized industry thought leader and influencer who provides insightful straight-up news and information around construction technology. He started his construction career as a Safety Director for J.M. Wilkerson Construction in Atlanta where he quickly became a construction safety expert and at the forefront of new construction technology during his ten year tenure. He writes and he travels the country with the Con Tech Trio and is frequently on the ConTech Crew podcast. His mission is to educate the construction industry on use cases for new technology.

Everything Rob writes about focuses on a few new technology options for construction that can assist General and Trade Contractors to accomplish their daily workflows on project sites. His straight up, no nonsense and direct approach to construction technology is refreshing and much needed in an industry that is still too slow to adopt new technology that can make huge impacts on time savings, workflows, safety, collaboration and productivity.

Here is what Rob wrote about Pixly in his article:  Photos for construction projects is one of the Five core Workflows that I have tested out and have a lot of ongoing interest in. The Pixly team makes it simple, fast, and easy to Snap, Tag, and Share project photos. The app makes it easy to collaborate on photos with its familiar social media-like interface. You can take a photo and instantly everyone on your team can see it in a real-time project feed on mobile or web app for those back at the office. They have tags that can be used to identify safety, pre-existing damage, mechanical, RFI's, or custom tags that can be assigned to team members making it great for collaboration. Their goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes to document projects with photos, the time it takes to find photos when it matters (several years down the road), along with reducing rework and risk while improving collaboration. The adoption of smartphones and tablets has helped many construction pros take more photos of their project sites than ever before. However, those photos can be all over the place on worker phones and various apps. Sometimes they are lost when people leave the job site or project. More importantly, the adoption of apps by construction pros has made it easier than ever to take, store and share photos when it matters the most! Click here to read the full Five Apps for Construction May 2021 article.

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