Capturing Every Step: The Power of Construction Progress Photos with Pixly

February 1, 2024

As a seasoned construction professional, you know the vital role daily progress photos play in overall project success. And all those daily progress photos act as silent storytellers, providing invaluable visual context for your progress updates. These photos go beyond proving work and showcasing accomplishments; they raise awareness of potential safety concerns, delays, and liability issues, keeping your team informed and vigilant.

Mastering the Art of Construction Progress Photos:

Clarity is key when capturing progress. Remember, your photos act as visual minutes for team members. Ensure proper lighting and focus, regardless of your photography expertise. Consider the necessary level of detail and utilize markups and annotation to highlight crucial aspects relevant to the project. The most important art is the art of being consistent. Walk your job site every single day to capture progress. Starting from pre-existing conditions and excavation, be consistent all the way to project closeout.

Progress Photos: Past and Present:

Documenting construction progress through photos is a time-honored practice. We've come a long way from stapling Polaroids to invoices and reports, now effortlessly integrating images with a tap or click. However, digital photos presented their own challenges. Early digital cameras brought hurdles with transferring photos to computers. Smartphones didn't simplify things much, as transferring files remained a chore. This meant valuable project time was lost on poor workflows, overly complex software, or more manual administrative tasks like uploading to servers, organizing to folders, downloading to mark up in PowerPoint, and then emailing to a few or dozens of people every day. 

Pixly: Streamlining Progress Photo Capture:

Thankfully, Pixly's construction progress photo, video, app, and platform revolutionized progress updates. Capture time, date, and location stamped photos and videos easily, and leverage the photo markup tools. Add detailed descriptions to each image, and watch your web gallery seamlessly update in real time, keeping everyone informed. Use tags to assign and track tasks to build better and faster. This fosters improved communication not only within your team but also with clients.

Benefits Beyond Efficiency:

Pixly offers more than just time-saving convenience. Here's how it empowers your construction projects:

  • Improved Documentation: The easier it is to document the project the more project documentation you will get
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share real-time progress updates with stakeholders, fostering transparency and trust.
  • Improved Safety: Capture potential hazards promptly, allowing for swift corrective action.
  • Simplified Dispute Resolution: Visual evidence acts as your ally in case of disagreements.
  • Effective Marketing: Showcase project progress with stunning photos and time-lapses, attracting potential clients.

Start Capturing Your Story:

Don't underestimate the power of construction progress photos. With Pixly by your side, capturing every step becomes effortless while the benefits resonate throughout your project journey. So, grab your phone and start telling your visual story today!

Further Questions:

How often should you capture progress photos?

Every single day, people are working on the job site. Also, document when weather delays impact work.

What are some creative ways to use Pixly for construction projects?
Photos are worth a thousand words, so try our video capture feature with audio. Capture 15-second video clips of your projects that are instantly shared like photos. Capture photos of safety meetings, deliveries, and owner meetings. Use customizable tags for annotations and markups to assign and track tasks like a visual punch list.

What devices for progress photos?
With Pixly, you can use your Apple iOS phone or tablet. We also have Android available. The desktop version of Pixly can be used to view, manage, search, find, download, and export. There, you can also import from your machine or anywhere else.

How can Pixly help improve communication with clients?
Invite your clients to the projects. Select sharing public or private folders with them. Use Pixly to document projects for estimates and bids so the estimators don’t have to visit the job site.