5 Customer Challenges That Help Shape Pixly’s Photo Technology

November 30, 2023

5 Customer Challenges That Help Shape Pixly’s Photo Technology

Pixly is constantly developing and refining visual documentation solutions with photos, videos, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to transform the construction industry and beyond.

Are we the only company that incorporates photography into its Saas offering? No. But we ARE the only ones 100-percent visual - first and the only company to have developed a more meaningful and helpful way for users to quickly snap, tag, share, and collaborate on photos and videos instantly with the power of Pixly’s proprietary tagging, data, and AI.

And we revolutionize the way our clients do their business. 

To help those looking to mitigate risk and revolutionize their operations with Pixly, we share with you five of the top customer challenges we’ve encountered that continue to shape our technology and what we build

  1. Disputes are becoming more common. As many as 30% of construction projects have disputes. Yes, it’s that common. A while back, a glass manufacturer told me that every single project has disputes, mainly due to unforeseen delays that impact project delivery. 

Pixlly can help keep the inevitable from escalating out of control, helping to save precious time and money – all it takes is a SNAP. 

  1. Skilled worker shortages are impacting project timelines and collaboration. According to a model developed by Associated Builders and Contractors (2022), the construction industry needs to attract nearly 650,000 additional workers on top of the normal hiring pace in 2022 to meet the demand for labor. The numbers are staggering. 

While the construction industry desperately needs qualified, skilled craft professionals to build our nation, companies need to quickly adopt more time-saving tools like Pixly to support these skilled workers and offset the time spent documenting projects.

  1. Locating photos and videos when needed is becoming nearly impossible to do quickly. Project photos are scattered all over user phones and various software. Finding photos throughout all project stages or years later to help with historical data or disputes is getting harder. Pixly provides a simple, practical method for organizing and categorizing photo assets so that teams can maintain a well-documented library of assets that can be called upon instantly. You may need them today, tomorrow or ten years from now.
  1. Superintendents are spending more time teaching and training than actually building.  Supers spend their days on the front lines as go-betweens. Their job:  to blend intent in design and management with construction. As each super dives into the details of the project, valuing documentation is paramount. Thousands of interactions and collaborations can go undocumented, from the smallest to the most mammoth of projects.

    Project photo collaboration from Pixly is a crucial element for any construction project. From real-time progress documentation and connecting the clients with architects, job site teams, and contractors, Pixly makes it possible.
  1. Supply chain delays are stagnating construction projects. The development pipeline is at its highest level in years and, much like the gap in skilled worker shortages, developers face a host of challenges due to materials delays.

    According to a report from Colliers International, there are signs of improvement to the availability of flow and goods domestically, but we are still going to feel the impacts of these delays for years to come due to threats of looming COVID-19 virus variants and the war in Ukraine.