The Birth Of A Construction Tech Startup During Trying Times and COVID

December 30, 2020

You can’t look far without reading, seeing, hearing or thinking something about COVID-19. Everyone has somehow been or knows someone that has been impacted by COVID and it’s never good. Almost all of us have experienced some kind of shut down, self isolation, fear of getting exposed to the virus, actually being exposed, confused by conflicting news reports or worse of all getting sick or dying. Offices closed up, projects were shut down and people started hearing one thing from co-workers more than any other “You’re on mute."

It’s been tough on every industry. Here in California it’s been especially hard on restaurants, shopping, tourism and construction. That also goes for startups and construction technology like us and others that rely on developer and dispersed teams. COVID put fear into many Angel and VC investors right while we were getting our Angel round funding efforts into full gear. Some of us learned that we were exposed to COVID. Some of us stood in line for tests that took several days to get the results from and caused sleepless nights. The time between being tested and getting results is brutal. Hassles, delays and confusion were not the worst part by any means. People had to learn how to juggle work, teach their kids at home and care for other family members while staying sane. And, those people are lucky to have work to do from home.

Nothing could be worse than losing a friend, family member or co-worker to COVID and our hearts go out to anyone and everyone that has.

While that is all doom and gloom we are a naturally optimistic bunch at Pixly. 2020 has been a great year for us in other ways. We took our idea for a construction photo documentation collaboration app and brought it to life as Pixly.

We’re taking a very tedious, time consuming, and painful process of documenting job sites and projects with photos and making it easy, fast and simple with Pixly. We eliminate uploading, downloading, sorting, annotating then emailing or texting. We are building an app that does it all with a few taps that is familiar out of the box.

Before we started designing or a single line of code we met with dozens of customers and innovative construction professionals who helped us validate without any doubt that we are on the right track. We are 100% positive that we solve a very serious problem with construction photos and photo collaboration. They inspired us and cheered us on to bring Pixly to life so they can save time snapping photos and spend more time building and getting home on time. We created a new Pixly brand identity that we are very proud of and believe does a good job encapsulating what we do. You may see the P or the “ that is short for annotations or perhaps both. We hope you like it and once you get to use Pixly it will be a memorable experience that you will want to share.

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