Save Time and Money with Construction Project Progress Photos

January 21, 2023

Save Time and Money with Construction Project Progress Photos

Like many industries, construction is driven by cost and scheduling constraints. Companies are looking forward to technologies that help their teams produce more with less waste, reducing costs to their overall profit/loss margins. As the utilization of technology on the jobsite evolves, it is vital to understand how Pixly can be leveraged to reduce overhead and waste and increase workflow for project teams.

Improve Overall Workflow

Reducing the time associated with document management effectively reduces waste by cutting down on your team’s workflow. Everyone involved in a project can see the benefit of having a set of up-to-date progress photos in real-time and organized automatically. Having a photo documentation system for taking and managing photo documentation like Pixly helps improve field operations while making the information available in real-time to many stakeholders.

Increase Collaboration

Miscommunication and difficulty sharing information are significant reasons that teams become misaligned. Having a set procedure for posting and documenting construction progress photos that post and share data in real-time increases the transparency of the project, especially for those not present on the jobsite regularly. Utilizing Pixly for the management and posting of that information eliminates communication issues. Team members can review and understand progress as the documentation is uploaded and shared with project users.

Reduce Rework

Rework is one of the most expensive impacts on a construction project. If left unchecked, confusion and misalignment about the construction documents can affect every stakeholder, client, and trade partner. The project team must be aware of disagreements with construction documents as early as possible so that changes can be resolved immediately. Changes can wreak havoc on a project without a timely resolution. Significant revisions may affect production processes, scheduling, and overall costs, among other factors. Having a photo-sharing app makes it easy for everyone involved to observe and comment on construction progress without being on-site every day. Obtaining photo documentation through Pixly to communicate construction progress helps eliminate the gap between project teams designing and reviewing what is being built on-site.

Reduce Contingencies

Knowing where project risks occur is a primary factor in managing project contingencies. Most companies have plans to use existing resources to manage the profit/loss margins for projects, including various financial systems. Project teams can reduce the risk associated with the project and manage leaner contingencies if they have project documentation that allows the team to have a real-time review by design team members, members responsible for inspections, and the accounting team that can observe progress at their leisure. This helps the project team establish trust and check-in systems with project members by seamlessly allowing them to observe the project at a given time. The screenshots from the past can be compared to the present to ensure appropriate progress has been made. As the risk is reduced as the project progresses, the funds set aside by the organization can be used for other purposes if the contingency is not used.