Unlocking Facility Management Efficiency with Pixly on the FM Evolution Podcast

January 21, 2023

On this episode of FM Evolution, host Shawn Black sits down with Lee Mills, CEO & Co-founder of Pixly, a mobile application that allows users to collaborate on projects by making it easy to instantly capture, tag, and share project photos from anywhere. Lee has been in technology for over two decades, gaining experience launching new products, raising capital, and scaling startups. In this episode, Shawn and Lee discuss the benefits Pixly provides facility managers, how Pixly is improving the FM industry, and what sets Pixly apart from other platforms.

We’re happy to serve people and help them be more efficient on their projects with time and money so they don’t have to work as hard and protect them from litigation because a photo could be worth a thousand words, but it could also be worth millions if things go wrong.

It’s all about documenting maintenance projects faster, identifying them, sharing them, and getting them done faster. Saving time is the ultimate thing.

Time is money. I’ve met with a lot of tech people, and more than one have told me their job is to save people in the field one minute a day. If you could save your team, regardless of the size, one minute a day, the math is mindblowing

Instead of texting, emailing, or calling, you get an instant notification in the app or an email, but it streamlines communication.