Why You Need Construction Project Photos Top 10

January 21, 2023

Construction photos are important photographs documenting the entire project's progress, milestones, issues, observations, inspections, safety, deliveries, meetings, and various stages. They are essential for proving work, communication, collaboration, and reducing risk. Construction project photos can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Record keeping: Construction photos record the work completed on a project and can be used to verify that all work has been completed to specification. Photos can be dated and time stamped as well as geo-tagged or tagged on a map
  2. Communication: Construction photos can be used to communicate the progress of a project to stakeholders, such as the owner, architect, inspectors, and contractors.
  3. Collaboration: Synch crews and teams around photos, so they know what needs to be done and can do it fast. Sharing photos instantly and automatically in a private project feed allows everyone instant access vs. waiting for a meeting or report.
  4. Quality control: Construction photos can be used to document any issues or defects that need to be addressed and to ensure that all work is being completed to the required standards.
  5. Accountability: Get work done with punch lists or task lists that are photo first. Capture the task with a photo, assign it to the sub or person responsible for it, and track what is complete and incomplete. Use photos to confirm the work was completed visually.
  6. Safety: Safety never takes a holiday. Everyone on the jobsite should be responsible for safety. If something is a safety concern, it must be documented and shared as quickly as possible to avoid accidents or injuries.
  7. Reduce travel: Create virtual walk-throughs. By sharing photos with crews and teams through Pixly, everyone is synched. Project Managers can see what is going on or not without having to be on site.
  8. Risk management: In a dispute, construction photos can be used to provide evidence of the work that was completed and can help resolve any issues that may arise. Disputes and litigation are major problems in construction, with 30% of projects having some form of dispute. Whoever has the best documentation will win a despite.
  9. Building Lifecycle: Once the construction is complete, the building is live and will have facility maintenance teams take over repairs, inspections, and future projects where previous work documented with photos can be incredibly helpful. Photos are fantastic for tenant improvements and turnover documentation.
  10. Marketing: Construction photos are great for showcasing the work completed on a project and can be used to promote the company or project to potential clients.